Our services are designed to help you and your IT team succeed with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. We work with you and aim to empower your staff.

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    Our facilitated half-day or full-day vision session are designed to help an organization define clear, measurable objectives, and establish a shared end-state definition. The Vision Session also helps pre-identify risks and obstacles. Specifically, the process helps identify business, political and other perceived obstacles that may prevent successful project completion. The explicit identification and documentation of potential issues at the outset allows effective mitigation strategies to be developed and thus reduces the overall project risk. Vision sessions can be delivered in-person or remotely.


    We develop your Technology Roadmap using a methodology initially focusing on business objectives and followed-up by structured requirements interviews and current state analysis. This input is used to transparently and impartially evaluate the pros and cons of several viable UC&C approaches in order to clearly identify your best path forward. Developing strategy in this manner requires time, effort and investment; however, we have found that organizations with a comprehensive roadmap are best able to leverage previous investments, move forward more successfully and derive better returns on their UC&C investments.


    Are you confident with your project timelines? Do you have well-defined, measurable project objectives? Often an impartial 3rd-party project review can help you identify potential risks and help communicate obstacles and alternatives to your leadership.


    Are users complaining about Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams? Do you know what levels of quality, reliability and satisfaction you are delivering? Do you know how these compare with other organizations? Our one-time environment review uses KHI, CQM, CQD and other analytical tools to answer those questions and identify potential areas for improvement.


    We seek to act as advisors and coaches helping existing IT teams achieve peak performance and deliver exceptional results. Typical engagements are 3 to 12 months in length at a rate of between $5,000 and $20,000 per month depending on the level of assistance required.


    A unique service that provides actionable analytics for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams using the tools you already have. Our monthly Insight Engine service helps you find and fix quality, reliability, adoption or satisfaction issues with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Businesss before they become problems.




As recognized experts in the Microsoft ecosystem, we can help vendors understand, position themselves and generate awareness and demand

  • competitive product analysis

  • sponsored articles or webinars

  • keynote and conference speaking engagements

  • evaluation of setup, installation or product use user experience 

  • product integration and advisory services related to Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

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