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You have lots of data and little actionable information. Learn why.

  • 30 min
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Service Description

If you are using Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or transitioning from Skype to Teams, understanding the quality, reliability, usage & adoption and user satisfaction of your environment is critical to your success and key to delivering communications and collaboration tools that will positively impact your organization. Unfortunately most organizations, even those who have invested in third-party tools, have tons of data and virtually no actionable information. They end up with hundreds of reports that few look at, almost no one understands, and quite frankly can cause more confusion and questions than they answer. While many products claim to provide real-time monitoring, if you are reacting in real-time then you are most often too late. Most Teams and Skype for Business issues should and can be identified proactively based on trends and comparative analytics. The plain truth is that in real-time you can almost never correct a detected problem, despite fancy demoes to the contrary. A problem is best fixed by preventing it from occurring. During this FREE briefing we share what has worked for other organizations and give you concrete examples of things you should be doing related to reporting and analytics. We explain the power of comparisons, why user satisfaction data is critical, what quality and reliability don't tell you and several other lessons learned.

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Oakville, ON, Canada

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