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The enableUC team has developed, participated in and published hundreds of articles, blog posts, podcasts and videos.

Below we have carefully collected, curated and happily share a few of these items in the hope that they might help you and your organization be more successful when it comes to collaboration and communications.

Microsoft Teams

Talking Teams video series

 - Episode 1: An Overview of Teams

 - Episode 2: Interop modes

 - Episode 3: Setting Things Up. An introduction to creating teams.

 - Episode 4: Configuring teams (part 2) & Channels 

Video: Taming Teams with Numbers - This hour-long "Master Class" provides an in-depth discussion of how you can use analytics to improve the collaboration and communication experience for your end users. Includes demos of the Office 365 Admin reports and the Call Quality Dashboard tool.

Article: Taming Teams: Where’s My Data? 

Article: Taming Teams: Effective Messaging

Article: Taming Teams: Changing the Channel

Skype for Business

Article: Sophisticated Skype: What Makes a Good Call?

Article: Sophisticated Skype: Good MOS Does Not Make a Good Call

Right now we are in the process of uploading additional files. Please check back soon for additional reference materials in the folders below.

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