Let's be honest. Microsoft Teams, Analytics and Office 365 can be confusing.
We help organizations figure out if Microsoft Teams is the right choice, for collaboration or telephony. If you have already picked Teams, we can help you get the most from it or show you how to use analytics to figure out what is working and what is not. We offer technical coaching as well as assistance related to communications, training, change management and employee engagement. 
For vendors, we can help you better understand and thrive within the Microsoft ecosystem, especially if you are new to the Microsoft ecosystem. We offer market and competitive analysis as well as supporting awareness and demand creation initiatives.

Microsoft Teams




Our approach is to work with your existing staff to help define a strategic path, provide technical or implementation coaching and help use analytics to drive usage & adoption along with world-class quality, reliability and satisfaction.



We have had the privilege of working with many mid-sized and large enterprises.

We are happy to share some non-confidential information related to a few of these projects.



We've learned a few lessons over the years, some the hard way. We hope to save you some pain by sharing this knowledge in articles, podcasts, webinars and speeches. 



While all opinions are valid, gathering data and then transforming this data into actionable insights is how organizations can best ensure their investment in Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and the associated devices and services, provides the greatest return.

Technology is important but so to is communications, training and change management. Measuring and driving engagement and adoption is key.

We are a small team that focuses on helping your existing IT staff be more effective and have a much greater chance of success through our unique experience and expertise.

If you are a vendor we provide competitive analysis and advisory services to help you better understand, position yourself and thrive within the Microsoft ecosystem. While we don't "pitch" particular products, we often participate in vendor-sponsored webinars providing beneficial and independent content for the audience.



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