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We help organizations plan, execute and use analytics to maximize the value of their investments in Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and associated technologies. We help vendors better understand and participate in the Microsoft collaboration and communication ecosystem.

We collected and curated some detailed information I mentioned during my presentation. We hope this might help you on your journey. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss any of this information further, please scroll down and book a FREE 30 minute briefing meeting exclusively available to EC virtual conference attendees from Aug 3 - 24, 2020

Relevant Articles

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Don't Overthink Your Teams Deployment

Skype for Business - Improving User Experience and Voice Quality  

What's New and What's Coming for Teams

Microsoft Teams Roadmap

Blog post related to new walkie talkie feature

BC Strategies Content

Turbocharging Teams - video tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams

Other great Enterprise Connect sessions, from my BC Strategies colleagues

Turbocharging Teams: New Teams meeting enhancements (July 2020)

Third anniversary Teams edition:

- Jared Spataro article

- Marissa Salazar article

Working from home

Information from Microsoft

Update #2 from Microsoft on cloud services continuity (March 29, 2020) 

PowerShell Training Materials

Manage Office 365 with Office 365 PowerShell

Manage user accounts, licenses, and groups with Office 365 PowerShell

LinkedIn Learning: PowerShell courses

Pluralsight - PowerShell: Getting Started

(Note that several of the Pluralsight PowerShell courses are out of date, for example “PowerShell for Office 365” is from 2015 and only talks about Skype for Business Online and not Teams)

Pluralsight - PowerShell and Regular Expressions (regular expressions are key to automating many routines for a large number of users)

Pluralsight - PowerShell Playbook: Office 365

Office 365 Administration Training Materials

Manage team collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Upgrade to Microsoft Teams (some of the hybrid information may not be applicable)

Configure and Manage OneDrive and Teams

Managing Microsoft Teams users

Overall list of Microsoft Teams training

Review and read the “Softchoice Teams Managed Service Run Book”

LinkedIn Learning: Microsoft Office 365: Administration (2019)

All LinkedIn Learning for Office 365 Admin

Pluralsight - Starting Your Journey with Office 365 Administration

Pluralsight - Monitoring and Troubleshooting Office 365 Availability and Usage

Books: Understanding Microsoft Teams Administration: Configure, Customize, and Manage the Teams Experience (pre-order, available September 2020)


Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert (Office 365 and Office 2019)

Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate

Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate

Teams Voice Training Materials

Cloud Voice in Microsoft Teams

Configure Direct Routing documentation

Direct Routing Session Video


Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate

Session Border Controller Training Materials

AudioCodes Direct Routing deployment documentation

Ribbon Direct Routing deployment documentation

Analytics Training Materials

Microsoft provided Excel training courses

LinkedIn Learning: Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel (Office 365/Excel 2019)

General list of LinkedIn Learning Excel courses


Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019)

Office 365 Training Materials

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (includes materials on Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility that are not directly relevant)

LinkedIn Learning for Office 365

Microsoft Teams Essential Training

Microsoft Teams video training

Teams Quick Start Guide

Hands-on training for Office 365 and Teams

Pluralsight - Microsoft Teams (2019)


Variety related to different workloads in Office 365

Thinking farther ahead

Workplace analytics - an organization-wide version of MyAnalytics. Uses Office Graph data to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement.

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